A week in Dallas through my phone

After a insanely stressful day of travelling, canceled flights and rebooking I finally arrived in Dallas Texas where I was gonna stay with my boyfriend and he’s parents, they are currently living there and since me and L are celebrating our 1 year anniversary in under a month is was about time that we met, haha!


Dallas is not the most exciting city to be honest, mostly a concrete jungle with skyscrapers, starbucks och Seven/Elevens, so we only went to downtown Dallas one day. We went to the Aquarium and that was great fun!


And saw the JFK memorial of course.


Mostly we stayed around the Flower Mound area, took walks to the lake, visited strip malls, drank starbucks and just chilled and shopped (a lot!!)


And of course we ate a lot of food! After a week of eating out every night it was really nice to get home and eat a home cooked meal. All in all it was a great week and I am so happy I decided to go. Now I am drowning in course work so just trying to keep on top of everything and get back into my  healthy routine!

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