New Years Eve


Picture borrowed from Sofies instagram @sofie_emilia

So New Years Eve was yesterday and it was my best New Years so far! We had such a lovely time with the gang, played games, ate food and just sozialized. Since we are on Christmas break we haven’t seen a lot of each other these past weeks, so it was just so lovely.

From Sofies we went down to the waterfront to watch the fireworks. They were amazing! Fireworks really makes me so happy. So we hugged and wished each other happy new year like always. After that we made the spontaneous decision to go dancing. There was no que to Fontana so we decided to go there, where we danced until closing. Jessica spent the night at my place and this morning the whole gang came over for brunch!


Honesly, could you start the new year any better than this?? I am so happy with these days so thank you to the best friends ever ❤

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