Kicks Self-Tanning Lotion Product Review


Summer is officially here (even the weather is amazing today) and who doesn’t want to look tanned in summer? This summer I’ve dediced to focus more on self tanning than lying in the sun getting sunburned!


I’ve picked this self-tanning lotion up from KICKS. I bought it last summer but never got into using it so I thought I would give it another chance. I am not used to using self tanner and find it a bit intimidating. Why I’ve chosen to give this a go is because I work quite a lot and really don’t have the time to sunbath, nor do I really want to.. I am as scandi as they come, and I don’t get tanned easily and get red and burned really quickly. I think we all know at this point how dangerous the sun is and together with a lot of other changes to make my lifestyle more healthy at the moment I though trying to stay away from sunbathing¬†would be another good point.


So what did I think about this product?¬†I don’t know if it is because I am so inexperienced but I do find it hard to get it even. But when I do, it actually does look quite amazing. Maybe just A BIT too orange in certain lighting, but overall I think it looks natural. I peeled and shaved before applying, then applied too days in a row. This lasted for a full week before I applied again. Totally will be continuing this throughout summer!

What are your favorite self-tanning products? Please let me know I would love to try them out!


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