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Summer is on it’s way and it is almost June. It’s such a cliché but summer is when I am the happiest and most inspired! (Said EVERY Scandinavian ever deprived of sunlight during the winter) So what’s better than starting a whole new blog, finally taking the step and getting my own domain which has been a goal of mine for so long! The last bits of coursework are done and I can focus wholeheartedly on work and my blog and youtube. I will need to squeeze in some writing on my bachelors thesis as well, but hopefully I will have some inpiration for that too!


So who am I? Julia H ANdersson, hence my name on social media juliahann, I added the extra N cause I thought it looked better. 23 years old and just finished my second year at university where I study Fashion and Beauty, which are my biggest passions in life. I love all beautiful and aesthetically pleasing things. I can not describe my love for clothes and makeup, which is not ideal as a uni student, you now, always stuggling at the end of the month.. Good thing I am an extra at a retail store in town, where I now also have a seasonal contract over the summer!

Which town? Currently living in Vaasa, Finland. Not the most exciting place on earth. A small city but really homely and loads of univeristies and students. Before I moved here I lived in London in my gapyear. I still miss London so much it almost physically hurts me. But I’ll be moving back when I get the opportunity, for sure! At least that’s the plan. But we’ll see. Since I’m also dreaming of Stockholm, Berlin, Sydney…


What you can expect to see on this blog is outfit posts and general things about clothes and new buys, beauty and makeup related posts, makeup looks, product reviews, fun things I do in my everyday life and I also want to incorporate some of my health and fitness journey. I will for starters post some old faves from my old blog as well!

I think that’s quite an all around introduction of myself, find the short version HERE. Still wondering about something? Ask! HERE is the link to my contact information.
Please also make sure you follow me on INSTAGRAM and subscribe to me on YOUTUBE if you like what I do, keeps the motivation up seeing my followers growing on my different platforms!

I hope you’ll like my blog and stick around! xxx

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