Weekend trip

This week has been busy, early mornings and full days of work. Trying to squeeze in time for working out, friends and the last bits of schoolwork has definitly been tough. But it’s been a fun week with the best weekend in a really long time with my ❤ in Helsinki!

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Gave new life to this I think two year old work out top from Fashionable Fit for Nelly. I haven’t liked it too much since it had a built in “bra” that was too little for my bust, which resulted in it getting pulled down showing waaaay to much. So yesterday I simply took a pair of scissors and cut it off! Brave move, I never do alterations like that to my clothing, but SO happy I did, cause I am so happy with the top now! My tights are from VSX and shoes are NIKE.

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Found this gem in the back of my moms closet and asked if I could have it. She was very suprised that I would want her old jacket from the 90’s, but I think it so cool! The Adidas hype has been going on for a while now, and sporty fashion is so my style. Love love love

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